The Differences between Men’s and Women’s Golf Drivers

womens-drivers-mens-driversWhen it comes to golf, there is definitely no discrimination against the ladies, as is seen in many other sports. Women have been enjoying equal dominance on the greens for over many decades now. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see golf gear made especially to suit women players. And no exception is made for golf drivers, with women’s drivers being available to suit every lady player’s needs.

For all those who want to know the difference, here’s all that there is.

The first thing that is noticeable is the softer colours that are used on the clubs meant for women. But this is just a cosmetic difference, and there are several more technical variations as well.

The starkest difference between golf clubs meant for men and women, is the visible length. Usually, women’s golf clubs happen to be visibly shorter, mostly by an inch or two. This may depend on the lady’s height too. Since women tend to be of a shorter stature, the drivers are designed accordingly. The grips on the golf drivers also tend to be thinner than their male driver counterparts. Thus, it is evident that on the whole, a woman’s golf driver comes much lighter and tackier than the man’s, so as to enable her to generate a lot of speed in her swing with the minimum of efforts. Men’s clubs are meant to be heavier so as to help them deliver a hard and strong impact through their shots.

Another important distinction is seen in the form of the nature of the golf driver. Shafts meant for women are a lot more flexible and yielding, so that they can have complete body rotation while taking their shots. Men’s clubs, on the other hand, are stiff and rigid, to support the force and power in their shots.

Other than these essential features regarding the gender-classified drivers, the other variations seen commonly are just a result of superficial cosmetic changes, so as to make the product suit the choices and desires of a lady. A noticeable difference in this context is seen in the choice of material that is used to make the golf club grip. While the grips meant for men players is usually corded so as to offer the sturdiness needed for maximum control over shots, women’s golf driver’s grips are usually made from rubber, so as to give a soft and supple feel, and to generate maximum responsiveness. If not rubber, women players tend to opt for the leather wrapped grips, or those made from the Excel material.

Apart from this, a common distinction between men’s and women’s golf drivers is the common height of the driver’s loft. While it is usually advised that a player must choose a lofted driver that is of about 11 degrees, for women, the loft could also be higher, say more or less about 13 degrees, so that they are able to cover a lot more height and distance with a relatively slower speed in their swings.

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